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Common Worries During Pregnancy

  • Written by Saville

Often thought of as one of the happiest periods of one’s life, pregnancy is not always all sunshine and rainbows. It’s a time that can also be accompanied by fears as there are still many unknowns that people cannot always control. Worrying is natural, but don’t let these fears stop you from getting pregnant and expanding your family. Here are some of the most common fears experienced during pregnancy and reasons to be a bit less afraid.

Fear of losing the baby

The fear of losing the baby is rather often among expecting parents, but you should know that less than a fifth of pregnancies result in miscarriage. Moreover, even if they do occur, they typically happen during the first few weeks, when you might not even know you’re pregnant. Once your doctor finds a heartbeat, the risk drops to around 5%. The most common reason for it – a chromosomal abnormality – is unavoidable. However, there are some things you can do to further lower the risk such as cutting out smoking and alcohol.

Fear of baby not being healthy

Many parents-to-be are also afraid that their baby will not be healthy once it’s born. Whether it’s due to their behavior and the stress they’ve been feeling or some abnormalities that can lead to birth defects, people tend to increase their anxiety levels by thinking about this. With that in mind, you should know that intermittent stress has barely any impact on the baby. Additionally, only 4 percent of babies are born with a birth defect, including serious ones. Make sure to take your prenatal vitamins to protect your baby.

Fear of eating the wrong food

There are typically guidelines that one has to follow when it comes to their diet during pregnancy. People are often worried they will eat or drink something they were not supposed to and harm the baby. Have your doctor give you the basic instructions and check online for a list of things to steer clear of. And, even if you make a small mistake, don’t fret thinking it will have a huge impact on your little one’s health.

Fear of complications

The fear of complications is also found among people who are expecting. While it is very important to learn about the most common conditions during pregnancy, you should also know a bit more about when they develop. For instance, gestational diabetes is a predetermined condition and has nothing to do with your lifestyle. Another issue often experienced during pregnancy is pre-eclampsia, which affects up to 10% of women. Although it can have a serious effect on both you and the baby, catching it on time means that you can keep it in check.

Fear of going into labor prematurely

Perhaps you’ve heard the statistic that the premature birth rate has been going up. However, it’s also important that you know that over 70% of these births happen between the 34th and 36th week, which is far enough along to avoid complications and developmental problems. To lower this risk, stop smoking and drinking, remember to take folic acid supplements regularly, and go for prenatal checkups when scheduled.

Fear of labor being too painful

In addition to being afraid of going into labor too soon, many parents get scared thinking about how painful it could be. You can attend childbirth classes, come up with a birth plan, and learn some pain management techniques. However, above all, you should remember that women have been giving birth for ages and it’s nothing that your body was not built to handle.

Fear of being embarrassed during labor

You might have also been hearing horror stories about how women throw up during labor or poop on the table. If you’re scared of embarrassing yourself, keep in mind that nurses and doctors deliver numerous babies every single day and they’ve seen it all by now. Nothing you do will surprise or gross them out, so don’t let this be another unnecessary fear preventing you from enjoying this unique time of your life.

Fear of being a bad parent

Among a variety of worries expecting parents have, one really stands out – they worry they will be bad parents. It might seem difficult trying to balance taking care of a baby with other obligations, but as long as you are there for them, help them learn, and become their own person, there is nothing to worry about. The fact that you’re thinking about this means that you care and that you will be a good parent.

Don’t let worries take away from this special period of your life. Learn more about what you can expect and rest easy.

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