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How to reduce sweat marks during a workout

Of course, working out naturally can result in sweat and lots of it – which is a great thing, it means your exercising is effective and your body is releasing its toxins to get your health on track! Whilst sweating is a guarantee at the studio or gym, sometimes we do get them im places that we would rather not so here are some tips on how to reduce sweat during a workout:

Top up your deodorant

Typically, we will spray deodorant on in the morning after our shower at the beginning of the day to ensure we are fresh. If you have a workout scheduled for midday or the afternoon a great way to help reduce sweat marks can be to keep a can of deodorant in your sports bag and re-spray yourself just before your session!

Find anti-sweat activewear

Anti-sweat activewear really does exist! Idea Athletic are an activewear collection that is made from their own Australian innovation patented sweat-absorbing bamboo lining throughout the bust, crotch and rear panels called invisiSweat. The bamboo design absorbs sweat, minimising visible crotch and bust sweat.


Available at most supermarkets and pharmacies – powder such as baby powder is another great way to help prevent sweat marks, especially from soaking into your clothes. Also just like a baby, it can be a great way to help keep your sensitive skin areas such as your underarms soft and fresh!

Wash Regularly

Whilst this one might sound obvious, some people do tend to leave clothes to wear for a second time if they don’t have an obvious smell present. Whilst they might smell clean, they can hold bacteria which may trigger your sweat glands the next time you go to wear them.

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