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Sydney's female-led office supporting Australia's small business boom

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Research reveals that the next generation of Australian entrepreneurs is changing the face of small business.

In 2021, there were 34% more small business registrations than in 2019, representing an exciting shift in the entrepreneurial landscape leading our economy forward.

Women have played a large part in this small business boom, with stats showing a 40% increase in the number of small businesses owned by women since 2001.

Acknowledging a gap in the market to support the next generation of small businesses, and specifically businesswomen, The Bureau is a lush new office space in Sydney CBD’s financial hub which offers a once-in-a-career outpost for entrepreneurs, start-ups and professionals from all fields, especially those looking to step away from the home office.

A modern gathering place for intellectual and creative minds, The Bureau has been carefully crafted by women, with women in mind, to foster an inspiring, uplifting and enriching professional environment to support women, among others, in business.

Offering sixteen private and fully furnished offices complete with sit-to-stand desks, members of The Bureau can enjoy a lavish lounge, informal meeting areas, quiet rooms, impressive meeting and board rooms and an invaluable full-time butler.

Bold and ambitious businesswomen of Sydney, budding professionals and innovative new start-ups have a new place to call home, and it comes with an impressive CBD address and high-end interior that could be mistaken for a luxury boutique hotel.

Be transported to another world when you step inside The Bureau. Located in the heart of the Sydney CBD’s financial hub, this lush new office space is setting a new standard in workplace design, networking and community, offering a once-in-a-career outpost for entrepreneurs, start-ups and professionals from all fields, especially those looking to step up from the home office, and out of the ordinary.

There are sixteen private and fully-furnished offices available, complete with sit-to-stand desks including smart phone charge and touch-pad control of airflow, curtains, lighting, and music at the touch of button.

Offices are centred around a lavish business lounge, informal meeting areas, quiet rooms, and impressive meeting and board rooms equipped with state of the art technology. There’s also an invaluable full-time butler service, dubbed the “Magic Man” for his talent to handle requests at a whim. Unlike open-plan shared workspaces, there is ample opportunity for branding touchpoints within the prestigious Kingsmede building, as well as access to Serenity, the luxe End of Trip facilities and a squash court.

“Joining The Bureau is a cost-effective way to crown your business with a prime Sydney CBD address, positioning yourself amongst some of the most successful enterprises in the country ” says Sarah Willcox, Associate, Asset Management at Kingsmede, who saw a gap in the market for decadent premium suites built for the non-transient professional.

Brave blue hues, electric tones and layers of thoughtful lighting choices to set the mood are just the beginning when it comes to the effervescent interior. No detail has been spared in the process, the work of  Kingsmede’s own Natashia Steed, who has a cult following in the luxury interiors scene. There’s a nod to the glamourous theatrics of the Art Deco era, paying homage to the former Savoy Theatre that once stood at the same address - once the go-to venue for foreign film screenings. While the theatre has gone, The Bureau is a modern gathering place for the same intellectual and creative minds that frequented the Savoy.

Beyond the decadent design and cutting edge technology of the office fit-out, The Bureau has been carefully crafted by women, with women in mind, to foster an inspiring, uplifting and enriching professional environment to support women, among others, in business. Curated memberships ensure that occupants are immersed in an exclusive coterie of like-minded individuals.

“It isn’t women-only by any means, but it has been designed specially to support entrepreneurs and professionals, and there are so many brilliant women in that field,” says Sarah Willcox, Associate, Asset Management at Kingsmede. Taking the stress and expense out of finding, leasing and decorating offices of their own, The Bureau members can get straight to business, and they can do it in style.

Meeting rooms are available to both members and the public on a pay-as-you-go basis and can be booked by the hour through The Bureau app. Members can also utilise optional extras such as catering available upon request.

An extensive and carefully curated art collection continues the Savoy’s creative within The Bureau, creating an ambience far from the cold bright lights and white walls of the traditional office. Walls are adorned in pieces carefully chosen and sourced by award-winning architect Richard Archer from Archer Design. “This project was about layering and richness,” says Richard. “There’s a large salon wall in the lounge which was our main focus, and then it spilled out from there, down the corridors, into the individual offices.”

“Good art will bring joy and intellectual stimulus to any observer,” says Richard, who favours the works of the late Wayne Thiebaud, an American artist who was known for his colourful and jubilant depictions of commonplace objects – slices of pie and cake, most famously. There is certainly no shortage of joy, nor intellect, at The Bureau.

To explore all The Bureau has to offer, visit

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